Adobe XD

Official Adobe XD Demo File

The Project Overview

When Adobe launched XD, they asked me to create a demo file of an app and website that every user could download to test XD out with. They also wanted the file in time for Adobe MAX, the large annual conference Adobe hosts, to feature the design on their main keynote. I’ve never seen my designs on such a big screen! 🙂

Here’s a look at the iPhone app version of this project:

Now here’s a look at the website design I needed to do as well to show the full scale of what XD could offer with responsive design:

The Challenges

Really the only challenge with this project was the timeline (10 days) as I was traveling around the country filming for Freelance.TV at the same time I started this project.

We also didn’t have enough budget to hire a photographer to come in and shoot professional shots, so I got out my camera and took photos of myself some of the XD team in Adobe’s green room.