Fever Free

Fever Free iPhone App – Helping to track fevers from COVID-19

Complete iPhone app design in Figma

The Project Overview

The goal with the iPhone app Fever Free was to make it as simple as possible to track your body temperature over time. With the pandemic of COVID-19 on the rise, Jonathan Coon from the Austin Emergency Supply Foundation reached out for a quick turn-around design. He wanted to create something as fast as possible to help everyone track their fevers.

The Details

Collectively, in about a weeks time we were able to put together a very simple flow that allowed you to visually track your fevers. Notice how the colors changed depending on the level of the fever:

This app wasn’t just for one person either. If you were apart of a family, you could easily track your entire families temperatures with a simple swipe of the circle initial avatars on the bottom.

At the end of the day, we wanted the most simple, intuitive, and user friendly interface. We elected to keep everything within a thumbs reach within the main temperature card for ease of use. Stay safe out there everyone!

You can download the app in the Apple App Store .

Additional Credits:
Jonathan Coon, Founder