Filmed + directed “Greater than Avatars” documentary with InVision

Director Filmmaker Writer Designer

The Project Overview

Greater than Avatars is a film series on the humans behind the avatars. We know their work, tweets, and avatars but we’re so much more than that. We all have our struggles and things we deal with everyday — those are the real things that make us who we are. I partnered with InVision to create a short documentary series based on this. The goal was to highlight the realness and rawness behind some of the people in our industry. I came up with the idea and name. I also filmed, edited, and wrote the entire series.

Episode 1:

Matt D Smith, Freelance Designer from Athens, GA.

In this film, Matt explains how he manages to keep his health and family a priority while still achieving more work than most in a strict 9-5 daily process.

Episode 2:

Natalie & Anthony Armaderiz, the founders of in Austin, TX.

In this film, Natalie & Anthony figure out how to manage a growing agency of 5 years and a growing family with their newborn Julian.

Episode 3:

Cymone and Cedric Wilder of freelance studio Simon and Moose.

In this film, sister and brother designers Cymone and Cedric Wilder of freelance studio Simon and Moose talk about why they work 2 jobs, one full-time and one freelance, in order to keep growing and learning.

Episode 4:

Alicja Colon, a freelance paper illustrator from Savannah, GA.

In this film, Alicja explains why she went from being full-time at Focus Lab to becoming a niche paper illustrator so she could have more time with her 3 kids.

The Challenges

The challenges on this project were huge. I was the sole person on this project, doing the job of a full size team: writing, editing, filming…everything. On top of that, I hadn’t had much experience with any of this other than some YouTube videos. I also never shot with a RED before. I definitely learned a lot about pushing myself. We’re capable of more than we can ever imagine.