Wikibuy’s outward facing homepage

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The Project Overview

Wikibuy is a chrome plugin that helps you get coupon codes, loyalty rewards, and better offers from other sellers on products you’re interested in. For example, if you’re on the hunt for a camera and search for that camera on sites like Amazon, Wikibuy then pops up and gives you several other options of prices and places to purchase that camera for less.

The Story

Jonathan Coon, the founder of Wikibuy and 1-800-Contacts, is a good friend of mine and always reaches out when he has a design project. Wikibuy needed a simple, yet refreshing homepage to help showcase what their product does without being too bland as a Chrome plugin might be.

The idea was to just have one simple page that shows all of the most popular products being bought at the time on Amazon, falling into your shopping cart. So on scroll, we had slight parallax to further help show that effect. On each item we also had a savings price tag to help suggest not only can you buy these items but you can also save a lot of money.

A Problem and Solution

We had one major road block though–who was going to shoot the photos of the products in time? I “can do” photography, though I’d never call myself a photographer. I volunteered to take the photos myself to save time and money to help get this site out there sooner than later.

I went out and purchased a white paper backdrop, 2 flex panel lights, some small mirrors, fishing line, more gaffers tape and went to town shopping for the most purchased items online at the time. Once I got all the products with a little trial and error and some YouTube how-to videos, I learned how to shape the light and do proper product photography. This had to be one of the most rewarding, fun home pages I’ve ever done.

Wikibuy has since been acquired by Capital One.

Additional Credits:
Jonathan Coon (CEO)